Why Choose Commivik

Nurturing Work Enviornment

At Commivik, we aim to create a lively environment and seamless opportunities for our people  where everyone aspires to learn more, achieve new heights and strengthen our enduring culture of innovation. 

  • Develop and Grow: We strongly believe that our people are biggest assets for the organisation and their development and the company’s growth are entwined. In order to keep our employees abreast with industry trends and technologies, we help them learn new skills and enhance their expertise with through workshops, formal trainings and on-the-job mentoring by our expert professionals. We always strive to gain a better understanding of the employees’ needs and responds with initiatives that benefit them and contribute to the company’s goals and operations. 
  • Seamless Opportunities and Openness : We strongly believe everyone, irrespective of location, department, business or position, has immense capabilities and can play an important role in the organisation’s growth. Therefore, we intend to give key responsibilities to our employees, inculcating leadership qualities and sense of ownership amongst everyone. As Commivik Infosystem is poised to undergo a major transformation and plunge into new avenues of technologies, we promise to offer some great opportunities that an aspiring professional would love to explore. 

Commivik Culture & Values

Integrity and transparency are and will always be the core values of Commivik Infosystem. We focus on communicating with our employees, customers and partners in the most fair and honest way. Commivik supports culture of trust and collaboration, flexibility and diversity, encouraging employees to share knowledge and expertise freely and transparently. Commivik seeks to bring out the very best in others and allows you to flourish both as a professional and as an individual .

When we recruit, we look for people who will enjoy our culture, feel at home and thrive on the opportunities it offers.

Career Advancement/Progression

At Commivik we have developed various programs and opportunities that help our employees manage their careers effectively for the long term.

Training and Development : Commivik  lays a great deal of emphasis on skill development and

personal wellbeing of its employees. We conduct various training programmes throughout the year— with an objective to help employees enhance their performance and improve their quality of life. We have a separate arm for training and development for identifying training requirements. From technical know-how to sales to operations and finance, our training sessions encompass various areas of industries, technologies, and management. Our health camps and self-help

workshops are meant to give a holistic approach to the overall development of employees. To induce leadership qualities and decision-making abilities, we encourage every Commivikian here to take up new roles and responsibilities as per their given interests and expertise. We also have a unique mentorship programme, wherein a new recruit is guided by seniors to understand the organization better.

Performance management : We provide employees with tools and resources necessary to develop and manage their careers, which include detailed career roadmaps, year-round direct feedback from management and support for mentoring programs.

We go to great lengths throughout the year to ensure a meritocratic and unbiased system of rating and promoting our talent. Our expectation is that all employees receive direct, constructive and timely feedback on how they are performing. We combine multiple sources of measurement, including self appraisals and manager reviews, in order to provide employees with an adequate view of their performance.

What we look for

  • Integrity and Trust — Team members who “do the right thing” and have courage to speak up
  • Intellectual Capacity — Openness to learning, understanding and solving problems
  • Drive for Results — Team members with a “can do” spirit
  • Adaptable — Team members who respond and adjust

At Commivik you can expect to

  • Feel empowered to take decisions
  • Be responsible to deliver what is committed within Turn Around Times
  • Work with integrity and honesty
  • Take every opportunity to learn and improve your professional skills
  • Be rewarded for remarkable performance
  • Flourish in a diverse, cross-cultural environment
  • Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do
  • Grow and progress.

Life @Commivik

Diversity & Inclusion

Commivik supports the culture of collaboration and meritocracy, where employees have plenty of opportunities to showcase their talent and learn varied skills in a fun-filled work environment. 

We are striving to make our workplaces more diverse and inclusive, as we strongly believe that a multicultural workforce is critical for an organisation’s growth in a globalized world.  To create a true diverse ecosystem, we promote cultural awareness by organizing cultural festivals and outbound programs throughout the year. 

Commivik also has a separate arm for corporate social responsibility, wherein we primarily focus on three areas: health, child education and women empowerment. We collaborate with non-government organizations to raise funds events for child and women welfare. Besides financial aid, we also encourage our employees to spend time with underprivileged people.

Our ultimate goal is to make our ecosystem more agile, tolerant, and most importantly, socially cohesive. With a diverse and responsible workforce, Commivik will look forward to capitalize on innovative ideas coming from people with varied skills, experiences, ethnicities and social backgrounds. 

We’re committed to ensure

  • Talented individuals from different backgrounds are recruited.
  • Individuals are shown respect and treated fairly. 
  • Employees don’t face any kind of discrimination and harassment at the workplace.
  • We remain accountable and committed to our social responsibilities. 


Current Job Openings

1. Position: Software Developer

  • Description: Join our team of talented developers and contribute to cutting-edge software solutions that transform businesses.

2. Position: IT Support Specialist

  • Description: Be a crucial part of our IT support team, providing exceptional assistance to our clients in their technology journey.

3. Position: Network Security Analyst

  • Description: Protect and secure our clients’ data by joining our network security team and staying one step ahead of cyber threats.

4. Position: Cloud Solutions Architect

  • Description: Shape the future of cloud technology by designing and implementing innovative cloud solutions for our clients.

Interview Process

    • Once you submit your application, you will receive an email acknowledgement. If your credentials match our requirement, you will be contacted by our team and the entire process will be explained to you.
    • Already submitted your application? Haven’t heard from us? Request your patience. We will contact you for sure!!

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